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Meet Melissa Ober 


           Melissa, frequently known as Science Girl, is a native New Mexican with a passion for inspiring kids, especially girls, to get excited about STEM-related fields. Melissa holds a college degree in Elementary Science Education from the University Of New Mexico. Melissa has applied her years of knowledge in and out of the classroom to put the “A” in S.T.E.A.M. through a unique on-stage production that combines science, education, and theater. 

  Melissa grew up in New Mexico amongst a family of engineers and teachers and has been interested in science education since her early teenage years. She joined the Explora Youth Intern Program and received in-depth informal science education training through the museum until she graduated from high school.

            Even though she wasn’t sure if she could make a living, Melissa wanted to combine her love of science and performance and explore becoming a science performer. As her high school senior project, she built a full-scale science theater production and performed Science Girl in Dr. Von Heister’s Hijinks at the Explora Museum in 2016. The response from the show was so positive that Melissa adapted the idea of Science Girl into what is now her private business, Science Girl’s Lab.  In the Summer of 2017, Melissa launched a new show called "Dungeon Dilemma". It was another success and is as popular as the first show.


  Ever since the premiere of the original shows in 2016, Melissa has performed all over the state of New Mexico and grown her business to include hands-on science experiences. Melissa also worked to achieve her degree in Elementary Education at the University of New Mexico, which she earned in 2020.

          Through the Lab, Melissa has had the privilege to speak and perform her two shows at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) -related events for students and educators, hold full-length school assemblies, bring science to birthday parties, and appear at educational venues around New Mexico. 

Melissa is looking for every opportunity to bring science into the community through school assemblies, camps, speaking events, corporate events, and parties. Wherever Melissa has a chance to share science, she also inspires every kid to GO BE AWESOME!

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