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Science Girl's Lab has created a variety of themed science kits for any occasion. Your students will not only see some amazing demos but will get to DO the science with Science Girl!! You provide the space and the students and Science Girl will provide the science and inspiration!!
Classrooms or Camps: Students will have the most hands-on experience in groups of 10.  We are experienced in accommodating larger groups and can plan the best science experience for your class or camp.  Contact us and we'll customize a plan for you!
Events or Science Nights:  Bring a fun "sciencey" touch to your event. Science Girl will set up her laboratory and invite your attendees to join her in "The Lab" for hands-on science experiences and learning.  Adults and children alike love to play and learn in The Lab!! 

Price: Each kit is priced by the hour. 
$200 for the first hour
$75 for every hour after that (Tax not included)
Boisterous Bubbles
If your students love everything bubbles, this is the experience for you!!

Bubbles of all shapes and sizes!! This kit takes bubbles to a whole new level with activities that challenge kids to think beyond the basic bubble!


Space Requirements: Easy access to sink for soapy water disposal, easily mopped floor or wind protected space outside (preferred).

Inertia Investigations
Make Newton's First Law of Motion Come Alive

Using Newton's First Law of Motion, also called the Law of Inertia, students will see how objects that are at rest stay at rest.......... no matter what crazy things are going on above and below them. This law is the basis of many "table tricks" that will show them how to use inertia to amaze their friends and family!!

Space Requirments: Area to set up a standard foldable table. 10x10 area preferred. 

Smoking Sublimations
Bubbles + Dry Ice = A Science Girl's Lab Favorite

Why is dry ice "dry"? What is the "smoke" dry ice gives off? How can you make dry ice "sing"? These are just some of the questions that will be answered as students explore some of the unique properties of this super cool solid. 

Space Requirements: Easy access to sink for soapy water disposal. This experience must be indoors.

Visual Vibrations
Sound You Can See

How do you explain sound to your students?  You SHOW them what it looks like. This experience helps your students see some of the fascinating properties of sound as they explore using both their ears and eyes.


Space Requirements: A large enough area where students can stand arms length apart.

It's My Density
It May LOOK the Same But...........

Objects that look the same size may not be the same in every way! How can you explore the different densities of same-sized objects WITHOUT a scale?  This kit demonstrates how with some jaw-dropping surprises in store!!


Space Requirements: Easy access to sink for water access and disposal

Soap Sleuthing
Why Do I Have To Use Soap?

Soap makes bubbles and makes us clean.....but WHY? Students will visually explore why soap's effect on the unique properties of water yields clean results.

Space Requirements: Easy access to sink for frequent liquid disposal

Snowball Flight
(Holiday Themed Kit)
Flying Indoor "Snowballs"

The secret to a successful snowball fight is understanding how things fly through the air and what affects that flight path.  Your students will discover how to make flight path changes to aim even better when launching a, that's a good thing........RIGHT??

Space Requirements:  Space against a wall or corner to contain flying snowballs!!

"Spooks Galore"
(Halloween Themed Kit)
Spooky Science All Year Long

Every day is a great day to explore spooky science.....but this kit is most popular around Halloween. Did you know that absorbent polymers can be scary looking and that you can use dry ice to make everything look just a little haunted? When things glow and grow, scary science becomes fun science!!


Space Requirements: Easy access to sink for soapy water disposal. This experience must be indoors. The ability to darken the room (turn off the lights) or a dimly lit area. All the better to glow in!! 

Rocket Science
Launching Objects in the Name of Science!

Learning about thrust has never been so exciting! Launch canisters, see a diet soda-powered car, and experience what's needed to light fuel! All of these combine to make an exciting introduction to Newton's Third Law of Motion. 


Space Requirements: An outside area that can be covered in diet soda and a concrete (or similar) path to launch a diet soda car.

Blustering Bernoulli
Air-mazing Activities

Bernoulli's Principle is the reason airplanes can fly! We explore this applicable principle by using vortex generators, balls, and hair dryers. We will finish by creating our very own smoke rings!

Space Requirements: Access to a power outlet

Custom Experience
Let Science Girl Design a "Science-sational" Experience for Your Event

Don't see exactly what you were looking for? Do you have a specific demo or science concept in mind? Science Girl has many more demos available and is continually developing new kits for exciting "Lab Experiences".  She would be happy to develop something to fit your needs.  Contact us through the link below with your thoughts and ideas and she will work together with you to put together a unique experience for your event.

*Bookings MUST be at least 2 weeks in advance!
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