Virtual Birthday Parties

Making Science Birthday Parties FUN and INTERACTIVE for every young mind and family... for every circumstance!


Choose The Party Option that Fits You


Every Party Participant Gets a Science Kit


Hop on Zoom to your party hosted by Science Girl for interactive science fun!

"If you're missing Explora birthday parties this is for you."

- Zachary S. (Google Review)

What you can expect:

  • Each party participant can recieve a science kit made by Melissa Ober (Science Girl)

  • Each kit will be sanitized thoroughly with the packer wearing a mask.

  • The kits will contain materials for 3 science activities.

  • The kits will also have a Science Girl's Lab Logo Safety Glasses.

  • The Zoom party will be hosted and lead by Melissa Ober (Science Girl) to do the science activities with each party participant.

  • The Zoom may take up 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the ages of the party participants.

  • Anyone can be part of the Zoom who wants to watch the party with no price changes.

  • You get to only pay for the number of kits you will need for the party.

  • Parties can be held on any day except Sunday!


I want to make sure that this virtual experience is simple and fun for you to plan. Choose one of the options below that best fits your budget and abilities!

Option 1 - The Expert Scientist Package 

Perfect for busy families!

  • Melissa Ober (Science Girl) will plan, prep, and mail each science kit to party participants.

  • Zoom Link will be provided for your specified day and time.

All you need to do is provide names and addresses for your party experience!!

Price: $290 (Does NOT include: Kit and shipping fees)

Option 2 - The Lab Assistant Package 

A cheaper way to get the experience!

  • Melissa Ober (Science Girl) will plan and prep each science kit for party participants.

  • Melissa will meet with you to hand over the kits so that you can deliver them to your party participants. (Location needs to be within 30-45 minutes of driving time of the Albuquerque, New Mexico area)

  • Zoom Link will be provided for your specified day and time.

Price: $220 (Does NOT include: Kit fee)

Option 3 - The Independent Researcher Package 

Perfect for a family on a budget!

  • Melissa Ober (Science Girl) will provide a list of materials needed for each science kit for party participants.

  • You will be in charge of communicating to party participants the materials needed for the party and/or providing the materials for the party.

  • Zoom Link will be provided for your specified day and time.

Price: $150



Science Kit


You only pay for the kits you will use! 

  • Each science kit will have enough materials for 3 science activities and includes Science Girl's Lab Logo Saftey Glasses! (Some basic materials will need to be provided (i.e. warm water, dish soap, etc.).

  • On the form, you will let me know how many kits you will need for the party and the invoice will be adjusted accordingly 

  • One kit has enough materials for one (1) party participant.

  • Each kit is sanitized for your safety!

  • At this time, I have one standard kit but requests for themes will be considered.

  • The kits will be delivered based on your selected option above (no science kit delivery for Option 3)

Price: $13 per kit.



We will gather at an appointed time to explore the wonders of science and celebrate a birthday!

  • Zoom session will last between 45 minutus to 1 hour.

  • Anyone can be a part of the zoom meeting with no extra charge.

  • Parents and extended family and friends are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Zoom party!

  • I will need at least 2-3 weeks notice of Zoom party date (so that the kits can be successfully delivered to the party participants).

  • The Zoom party will consist of me (Science Girl) teaching and leading the party participants in the 3 science activities.

  • Email addresses of all of the participants will need to be provided for the Zoom link invite to be sent. 

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