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Virtual Birthday Parties

Making Science Birthday Parties FUN and INTERACTIVE for every young mind and family... and for every circumstance!


Choose The Party Option that Fits You


Every Party Participant Gets a Science Kit


Hop on Zoom to your party hosted by Science Girl for interactive science fun!

"If you're missing Explora birthday parties this is for you."

- Zachary S. (Google Review)

What you can expect:

  • Each party participant can recieve a science kit made by Melissa Ober (Science Girl)

  • Each kit will be sanitized thoroughly with the packer wearing a mask.

  • The kits will contain materials for 3 science activities.

  • The kits will also have a Science Girl's Lab Logo Safety Glasses.

  • The Zoom party will be hosted and lead by Melissa Ober (Science Girl) to do the science activities with each party participant.

  • The Zoom may take up 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the ages of the party participants.

  • Anyone can be part of the Zoom who wants to watch the party with no price changes.

  • You get to only pay for the number of kits you will need for the party.

  • Parties can be held on any day except Sunday!


I want to make sure that this virtual experience is simple and fun for you to plan. Choose one of the options below that best fits your budget and abilities!

Option 1 - The Expert Scientist Package 

Perfect for busy families!

  • Melissa Ober (Science Girl) will plan, prep, and mail each science kit to party participants.

  • Zoom Link will be provided for your specified day and time.

All you need to do is provide names and addresses for your party experience!!

Price: $250 (Does NOT include: Kit and shipping fees)

Option 2 - The Lab Assistant Package 

A cheaper way to get the experience!

  • Melissa Ober (Science Girl) will plan and prep each science kit for party participants.

  • Melissa will meet with you to hand over the kits so that you can deliver them to your party participants. (Location needs to be within 30-45 minutes of driving time of the Albuquerque, New Mexico area)

  • Zoom Link will be provided for your specified day and time.

Price: $200 (Does NOT include: Kit fee)

Option 3 - The Independent Researcher Package 

Perfect for a family on a budget!

  • Melissa Ober (Science Girl) will provide a list of materials needed for each science kit for party participants.

  • You will be in charge of communicating to party participants the materials needed for the party and/or providing the materials for the party.

  • Zoom Link will be provided for your specified day and time.

Price: $150



Science Kit


You only pay for the kits you will use! 

  • Each science kit will have enough materials for 3 science activities and includes Science Girl's Lab Logo Saftey Glasses! (Some basic materials will need to be provided (i.e. warm water, dish soap, etc.).

  • On the form, you will let me know how many kits you will need for the party and the invoice will be adjusted accordingly 

  • One kit has enough materials for one (1) party participant.

  • Each kit is sanitized for your safety!

  • At this time, I have one standard kit but requests for themes will be considered.

  • The kits will be delivered based on your selected option above (no science kit delivery for Option 3)

Price: $12 per kit.



We will gather at an appointed time to explore the wonders of science and celebrate a birthday!

  • Zoom session will last between 45 minutus to 1 hour.

  • Anyone can be a part of the zoom meeting with no extra charge.

  • Parents and extended family and friends are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Zoom party!

  • I will need at least 2-3 weeks notice of Zoom party date (so that the kits can be successfully delivered to the party participants).

  • The Zoom party will consist of me (Science Girl) teaching and leading the party participants in the 3 science activities.

  • Email addresses of all of the participants will need to be provided for the Zoom link invite to be sent. 

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