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Even though Melissa loves being in front of large crowds performing magnificent demonstrations as Science Girl, her heart lies with helping students grow as learners who know how to critically think for themselves. 

Who Can Be Tutored?

  • Elementary Students

  • Middle School Students

  • High School Students

  • Homeschool Students

What Can Melissa Help With?

  • Help with understanding various science curricula.

  • Practice calculations and studying for an evaluation.

  • Teach your kids science (Great Homeschooling option!)

Is Melissa Qualified?

Yes! Melissa has...

  1. a bachelor's degree in Elementary Science Education from the University of New Mexico.

  2. knowledge and use of the Next Generation Science Standards.

  3. Melissa has tutored students since 2016.

  4. access to resources and materials that may not be available to most other tutors.

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