Science Girl Interactive Shows

Dr. Von Heister's Hijinks

The audience becomes "Lab Assistants"
as they help Science Girl find the perfect science experiment to chase off
the evil Dr. Von Heister!  Join Science Girl in her secret lab for a hilarious interactive adventure that combines learning
with drama and SCIENCE, of course!! 

Run Time: 25 minutes for show only

Dungeon Dilemma 

 GASP!! Dr. Von Heister is once again up
to no good and Science Girl is trapped in

a dungeon with no way out...or IS there?? Once again, the audience in this drama becomes "Lab Assistants" and uses science to come to the rescue!! This show is a perfect sequel to "Dr. Von Heister's Hijinks" or a show by itself!!

Run Time: 30 minutes for show only

School Assemblies (1 hr)

Science Girl will engage your students in a science-filled storyline and then have them participate in even MORE DEMOS with a post-show educational experience learning about the science in the show. Our most popular and educational option.

Dr. Von Heister's Hijinks-$295

for one (1) show


Dungeon Dilemma-$295 

for one (1) show 


Tax not included.

Additional travel expenses for events outside Bernalillo, Valencia, and Dona Ana counties may apply.

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