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Part of Science Girl's mission is to connect YOU to other amazing resources in the science community. Explore this page to find links to fun websites, science centers, and other inspirational science information.

Do YOU have a fun website to share or know a scientist that has inspired you? Share your inspiration with Science Girl here so she can share it with the community!

Steve Spangler is a leading speaker and educator in the science community and the main inspiration behind Science Girl.  Visit his site for the BEST science kits for the home or classroom, fantastic demo videos, and opportunities to attend educator trainings. Don't miss his Spangler Science TV  YouTube channel which includes videos of his numerous appearances on the Ellen show and see why he has been an inspiration to Science Girl and budding scientists nationwide.

If you live in or visit the Albuquerque, NM area, Explora is the place to visit for hands on science activities.  The museum is fun for kids, adults, and every age in between.  Science Girl's passion for science was developed here through Explora's camps, classes, volunteer programs, and Youth Intern Program. Visit Explora and check out all they have to offer and enjoy hours of hands-on science!

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