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What Clients Are Saying About Science Girl's Lab!
Steve Spangler and Science Girl

SCIENCE GIRL - A production aimed at getting girls excited about science... and it worked! Melissa Ober is a senior in high school in Albuquerque, NM... The show is called SCIENCE GIRL and the reviews were nothing short of amazing. Melissa is wickedly smart, driven, energized and understands the art of engagement better than most adults. She turned an internship at Explora into an unforgettable learning experience for the hundreds of young scientists who participated in her show. I couldn't be more excited about her success.                                                         


 Steve Spangler

National Science Educator, TV Show Host,   America’s Science Guy as seen on Ellen

Smoke Ring Speech at Ribbon Cutting Event
Science Girl and Bad Guy at Science Show

Melissa, aka Science Girl, is a captivating young woman and a remarkable performer. She has poise, grace, stage presence, and science knowledge way beyond her years, making her an incomparable "near peer" role model for younger children. She challenges stereotypes of what scientists look like, and I'm confident she will inspire a future generation of science leaders! Her performances at the museum have been packed, and I book Melissa whenever I want to impress a crowd. She is truly outstanding!

Kristin Leigh

Deputy Director


UNM’s Science Education Partnership team could not be more pleased with Science Girl’s assembly. Our students were sitting on the edge of their seats to see what would happen next. Each time she asked for a volunteer, nearly the whole audience hands shot up, which is a response nearly impossible to get from a middle school aged crowd! The students laughed wildly at the jokes in the script and really related to Melissa as a young person. They connected with the idea that her play required the assistance of her brother (a fellow actor) and her mother (her manager) when Melissa introduced and thanked them at the end of the show. It was great to see the students’ connect with the idea that scientists are real people who are curious about the world and not just the untouchable geniuses without context that they might read about in books or see on TV programs.


Our aim was to provide a beginning of the year assembly which would get students excited about science as a subject and encourage them to do well in their science classes for the upcoming year. Science Girl provided not only that, but a real role model for many of the students. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your creativity, talent, and passion for science with New Mexico students!


Kathryn E. Peters

Program Specialist

UNM Science Education Partnership

Science Museum Event Outreach

Science girl is Awesome! Science Girl came to the Santa Fe Children's Museum for our "Weird Science" event to facilitate hands on science activities. Her choice of activities were perfect and the table was full all night. One adult approached me and expressed how wonderful it was to have female scientist role model at the event and another parent had to request more stickers because her daughter’s sibling took her's. We are always excited when Science Girl comes to an event!


Heidi Heidgerken

Santa Fe Children’s Museum

Student Conference Perfomance
Student Participation at Sho
Middle School Science Show

The visit from the Science Girl was an awesome experience for our students.  The kids were enthralled…and this includes the normally blasé 7th and 8th graders.  They were fascinated by things that started spewing smoke….or bubbling up…or making noises.  And the storyline with the evil scientist had them all involved.  A good time for everyone…and for someone so young, she really knows how to handle youngsters of all ages!


Bonnie Leverton

Lybrook Elementary (K-8)

Wow!  She knows how to hold the kids’ attention.  Her show is fabulous and she is really funny!” 

S. Allen

Principal, Valencia Elementary

Science Girl is phenomenal!!  Her show has a high student engagement and lots of humor.  She sparks curiosity about science in the kids.                 

D. Curry

Academic Counselor, Valencia Elementary

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